Business and Investor Category

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business and investor category

The business and investor category can be used by businessmen and investors to immigrate to New Zealand.


Please note that this information was gathered from publicly available information on the Immigration New Zealand website. It is summarised here for your information only, SA Going To NZ does not claim to have any knowledge of the immigration process and as such this article is not immigration advice. It is up to you to decide which immigration option is best for you. Although this information is valid at the time of writing, it is important to ensure that it is still so by visiting the INZ site and checking for yourself.
You can do that on the Immigration New Zealand website HERE
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The Business and Investor category has two distinct streams under which you can apply. The first is the Business stream, the next is the Investor stream. Each have their own requirements you would need to fulfill before being accepted. Let’s look at these in more detail.

Business Stream

This stream is available to those that have business and / or management experience and would either like to buy an existing business or start a new business in New Zealand. If you are successful with your application you are issued a Long Term Business Visa, basically a Work Permit tied to the business, which allows you to travel to New Zealand and establish / run the business. If after two years you have succeeded, you are issued your Permanent Residence. What makes this option attractive to some is the fact that there is no specific dollar amount attached to the business, so a small / micro business may be enough to obtain a Long Term Business Visa.

Although there is no specific dollar value that the business you buy or start must be there are however some deciding factors which New Zealand Immigration Service use to determine whether your Long Term Business Visa application will be successful. These are :

1) You must be of good health and character
2) have a reasonable standard of English
3) have enough money to support yourself and your family for the length of your visa
4) and have a decent business plan.
5) be registered of your occupation requires registration in New Zealand.

Your business plan will be assessed on the following criteria :

i) You have enough money to buy / start the business
ii) it contains realistic financial forecasts
iii) the amount of previous business / management experience you have in the type of business you intend running in New Zealand
iv) you have a clean record as far as your business life is concerned, ie., haven’t declared bankrupt, been convicted of fraud, etc.
v) the business will be a benefit to New Zealand, this is proven by showing :

  • the introduction of new or enhanced existing technology, management or technical skills
  • the introduction of new or enhanced products or services or export markets
  • the creation of new or expansion of existing export markets
  • the creation of new job opportunities
  • the revitalising of an existing business – the business must be trading at the time you apply and must clearly have the potential to become profitable within 12 months.

You can get more info on the Long Term Business Visa HERE

The second part of the Business and Investor category is the Investor stream, let’s have a look at the requirements there.

Investor Stream

Anywhere in the world money talks and if you have heaps of it, then doors swing open. New Zealand is no exception to that rule. If you have money that you can invest in New Zealand, then it may just be your ticket to immigrate here. There are two “levels” of investment which will enable you to obtain Permanent Residence, the more money you have, the easier it becomes. Below is a breakdown of these levels :

Key Requirements
Investor Plus
Category 1
Category 2
Minimum Age
No Requirement
65 or younger
Business Experience
No Requirement
Minimum of 3 year
Investment Funds
NZ$10 million invested in NZ for 3 years
NZ$1.5 million invested in NZ for 4 years
Settlement Funds
No Requirement
NZ$1 million (Transfer not Required)
Your English Ability
No Requirement
Competent User
Families English Ability
No Requirement
Competent User
Minimum time in NZ
73 days in NZ in each of the last two years of the investment period
146 days in NZ in each of the last three years of the investment period
Health & Character
Standard Requirement
Standard Requirement

The funds must legally belong to you or jointly by you or your dependent family. The money must not already be used for security, etc. on anything else and you must transfer the investment money to New Zealand through the banking system.

You may also not invest the money for personal use, eg to buy a house in NZ. For a list of what NZIS considers an acceptable investment you can go HERE

For more info regarding the Investor Category you can visit the NZIS website HERE


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