Dec 2006 – Ag No, Not Again

Posted on: January 9th, 2013 by admin

1 Dec

Just as we thought that we had seen the back of our documentation trips to Pretoria, we ended up slogging off there again.

This time it was for a translation of my Matric Certificate. When you have a certificate translated, it needs to be a SWORN translation. The only person we could find to do this was a lady in Pretoria.

At least her service was real fast. I faxed her the certificate and two hours later it was ready.

Hopefully now we have all we need to get my qualification assessment in on Monday. As it is we are going to have to fast track the application as our time is running out to get the ITA in and Christmas & New Year is zooming towards us with a hell of a speed. This means dead time as far as getting anything done for our application is concerned.

10 Dec – NZQA in the post

After all the running around to Pretoria and the Vaal Triangle, I finally got DHL to come and collect all the paperwork for my qualification assessment.

DHL charged me R434 to send the documents to Wellington and it would probably cost the same to add a reply envelope to the package. NZQA charges NZ$36 to have your original documents sent back which is around R180. They also use DHL to send their documents, go figure.

Must admit it was pretty stressful putting all those original documents, that you have worked so hard to earn, into the envelope. All you can do is hope they come back in one piece. I made sure that you can’t miss the ‘DO NOT FOLD’ notice on the steel-hard boards that my Diplomas are wrapped in!!!

Now we are just holding thumbs that there are no hickups and the assessment goes quickly as we have paid extra to fast track the assessment.

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