Dec 2006 – Medicals

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13 Dec

We decided to book our medicals in Rosebank as they were a little cheaper than Arwyp and the waiting list was a week as opposed to more than a month.

They quoted us R2820 for the three of us. We are booked in for 13 December.

The medical is not so bad. It is best to print the forms off the NZIS site in advance and fill them in where asked beforehand as this saves some time. They checked our height, weight, heart, tonsils, blood pressure, breathing. He presses here & then to check for what ever. He even checks if both family jewels are there – God knows why, he could see my daughter is perfectly normal and beautiful so everything down there is clearly working just fine . Then a quick eye test.

Our doctor, Dr Cobb was a real chatterbox, made Candice feel quite at home, but you never get a word in.

Then you wee in the bottle, they syphon some blood and send you for X-Rays.

This all took around three hours for the three of us and R3003 later.

As expected there were many other folks doing the same process as us, for New Zealand and Australia.

Now we just hold thumbs that there are no unknown gremlins that show up so that we can tick this off the list.

If our medicals and qualification assessments come back fine then we have almost everything required for our ITA.

All we still need to do is get reference letters from customers – eish.
Financial statements from our accountant to prove our business is viable and that our work experience is relevant to my qualifications then hopefully we are all stations go to submit our ITA.

20 Dec – Medical results back

The doctor gave us a call today about our medical results. All came back fine except our liver function tests. When we went for our medicals he repeatedly told us that these tests often come back high so we were sort of expecting it. We will now have to cut out the alcohol and eat lots of fresh fruit & veggies as well as drink tons of water for the next week. He will then test us again

Pretty boring Xmas for us then.

27 Dec

We were woken up this morning with a hooting at our gate. It was DHL with my qualification assessment.

As they were supposed to email to say that all is okay and the assessment time has begun, this was quite a surprise. At least the assessment was positive and we can now tick that hurdle off the list.

After our dry Xmas period, we went back for our repeat liver function tests today as well. It cost another R850 and we should know in a day or two – let’s hope everything is okay this time round. We really hope so as New Year is on us and the thought of spending our, hopefully, last New Years Eve with all our friends and family without a beer or two in sight is pretty depressing. But we will do it if that is what it takes.

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