History of New Zealand

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History of New Zealand

History of New Zealand


It is not certain where the first people landed in New Zealand, but it is thought to be between 700AD and 1300AD when Polynesian colonists first set foot on this untouched land. Until then the land had been dominated by birds believe it or not. New Zealand had no predators and was a very peaceful place. That changed dramatically when man arrived though. The early Maori were skilled seafarers and excellent fishermen. They formed many many tribes across New Zealand. These tribes not only fought each other, but also cannibalised each other with the winning tribe dismembering, cooking and eating their captives.


In 1642 a Dutch explorer Abel Tasman was the first European to sight New Zealand. Although he did land, they soon left after several of the crew were killed by the Maori. It wasn’t until James Cook arrived in 1769 when the Europeans landed for good. Various territorial wars and battles raged throughout New Zealand as late as the 1870′s between Maori tribes as well as between Maori and Pakeha (Maori word for Europeans). Gradually however the Maori adopted the European way of doing things and the Pakeha adopted many Maori customs. One major thing that Kiwis from all sides of the spectrum do have in common is their love for the natural beauty of the country and the need to preserve it.

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