March 2007 – We do a Deal

Posted on: January 9th, 2013 by admin

Okay, so we are now two months into our wait after sending in our ITA and it is starting to kill us….probably because we know our turn is coming up and time is starting to drag.

At this point I think I am happy with our preparation, although I still want to do a lot more… set up the checklist for when we arrive : convert drivers licence, get tax numbers, etc. so that we don’t miss anything there.

I also need to look into the details of starting a business in a bit more depth so that we don’t make any mistakes there.

Over the past month we have been meeting up with other folks on their way to NZ and also been very busy designing heaps of websites. We are hoping that the scorcher of a start to the year will keep going as every cent extra we earn now is going to make life easier when we arrive in NZ.

We have also been replacing a lot of older goodies around the house as it is pointless paying R30 000 for a container full of worthless apparel . We are also busy getting quotes to have our kitchen revamped. Once that is done we will be fixing the gremlins around the house that should have been fixed years ago so that we can hopefully get the price we want for the house. If time and budget allows we also want to redo the master bathroom as that along with the kitchen and bathroom sells the house.

Last week we did a cool deal with a customer – we designed his website and he gave us one of his products – a GPS . While we were chatting about what he wants for his site, Mel was kicking my shins to pieces underneath the tableĀ  to ensure that I do a barter with him . I think we both immediately realised the HUGE benefit of the GPS once we arrive in NZ – we see a lot of customers every week and the GPS will take the stress of finding them in a strange city away completely. It is however still going to cost us another R2000 for the NZ maps but we reckon it was a good deal.

That is about all that is happening our here at the moment, hopefully next time the post will be about our interview date

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