New Zealand Culture

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New Zealand Culture

New Zealand Culture

Many other nationalities have made New Zealand their home and South Africans are no exception. This has resulted in a New Zealand culture that is constantly changing and expanding itself.

Currently the ethnic breakdown of the country is roughly

European / Other 78%
Maori 14.6%
Asian 9.2%
Pacific Peoples 6.9%

Because of this cultural diversity in especially the major cities, you are able to buy and enjoy many different products, customs and festival throughout the year. To give you an example – you can walk into almost any given shopping centre and buy items like sushi, boerewors and imported English biscuits straight off the shelf.

The Maori culture is also widely promoted and participation in their cultural practices is encouraged among Kiwis.

New Zealand has 3 official languages, nl. English, Maori and sign language. With 98% of the population able to speak English it is by and large an English country. You will however hear all sorts of languages being spoken when walking around the mall, including plenty of Afrikaans.

Although there is no official religion, 56% of Kiwis consider themselves Christian, 35% as having no religion and the rest as having a different religion. Christian churches are as abundant in New Zealand as we were used to in South Africa.

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