NZQA International Qualifications Assessment Checklist

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When do I need to do an NZQA?

If your qualification is not listed on the Immigration New Zealand list of Recognised Qualifications, then you will need to have your qualifications assessed by the NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) BEFORE submitting your EOI (Expression of Interest).

NZQA have two types of assessments – a preliminary assessment and a full assessment. If you are in a hurry to submit your EOI, then a preliminary assessment will suffice. You will however need to do a full assessment as soon as possible thereafter as you will need to submit it along with your ITA (Invitation to Apply)

Why do I need my qualifications assessed by NZQA?

This is to ensure that all qualifications are legitimate and to inform New Zealand Immigration, and potential employers, what the equivalent New Zealand qualification is. You will find that adding a copy of your NZQA certificate when applying for work will assist you greatly when out job hunting. NZQA actually takes your work experience into account as well when assessing your qualifications. So if you have a trade certificate or National Diploma, then you may even find that they assess your qualifications as equivalent to a National Diploma or University Degree :-)

Get all this info together before submitting your NZQA application for assessment.


Remember that NZQA require original documents and NOT copies. Don’t worry they are returned to you in perfect condition afterwards.


NZQA International Qualifications Assessment
Matric Certificate
Degree, Diploma, Trade Test Certificate
Transcripts of Results
Evidence of Vocational Training if required for obtaining the qualification
Evidence of Work Experience
Current Registration Certificates if Required
Complete official academic syllabus (a certified copy is allowed)
Marriage Certificate showing both names if applicable
Courier Fees
Translations of any above docs that are not in English
Photocopies of all the above documents
Assessment Fee
Completed Assessment form
Fast Track Fee in you are in a hurry
If using an agent, has he signed the form
Have you signed the form
Check all required info against the official GUIDE


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