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Every year thousands of families leave South Africa for the land of the long white cloud. Some for a visit, others for work. Most for good. The process of immigration is not only expensive, but frustrating and time consuming. From deciding to leave to actually landing can take many years. SA Going To NZ is positioned to not only attract, but keep the prospective immigrant visiting on a constant basis through the interactive services and advice we offer on the site. You thus have the opportunity to showcase your business to a captive audience who come back to the site everyday over an extended period of time, and as businesses we all know that the best way to gain a new customer is to constantly expose your product.

Once landed the new immigrant has to build up a network of contacts & businesses it frequents from scratch. We aim to help them attain a smooth landing through the info we constantly provide.

Your company can benefit from our efforts NOW

You have the opportunity to imprint your business and it’s products in the minds of our members long before they arrive in New Zealand, and well after. This means that they will think of your business first when looking for your products. What a wonderful position to be in.

Listing your business on our site is not only easy, but affordable. There are a few different positions on the site to ensure maximum exposure of your business or product as can be seen in the image below:

Possible Advertising Positions

Your banner will rotate between the other advertisers in that same slot. This ensures that the area you are advertising in never remains static so the visitors are always aware of that area as it is constantly changing.

Below is a snapshot of our monthly Google Analytics account so you can see just how many page views our busy website generates during an average month:

SA Going To NZ Monthly Analytics

We also provide various easy payment options through the Secure PayPal Payment service. List your business today, our members need your services.

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