Nolan’s New Zealand Immigration Experience

Nolan immigrated to New Zealand in 2008. This is a recount of his family’s New Zealand immigration experience on their journey to get here. This includes the decision to move, why his family decided to immigrate, all the way through to the final move.

No holds barred New Zealand Immigration Experience

This is a no holds barred recount of a typical immigration experience, updated on a day to day basis like a diary, so you will be able to get a good feel for the emotional side of the journey as well.

Reading recounts like these will help you to prepare for the road ahead and give you a good idea of the type of emotions you can expect to face during your move.

The account can be very emotional at times and may even include a few choice words here and there.

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If you have also kept a diary of your immigration experiences and would like to share it with migrants that are following in your footsteps, why not Contact Us and we will add it to the site. It will help a lot of other folks that are in the same boat to understand what lies ahead and what they can expect. Your recount obviously does need to be as long or as detailed as Nolan’s, even a typed page of your experience can help a lot ;-)