Oct 2006 – Telling the In-Laws

Posted on: January 9th, 2013 by admin

Today was the big day. Mel has finally plucked up enough courage to tell her Mom and Gran that we are emigrating.

She has decided to use pretty much the same tactic as we did with my parents, except we will be sitting outside under the lapa at our house. She will wait until it is nearly going home time for in case the mood turns sour.


Well that wasn’t so bad after all. They don’t want us to go, but they fully understand our reasons for leaving. It seems like since last time their eyes have opened some more to what is happening in the country and can now see the wood from the trees. You have no idea how relieved we are.

So now we have the blessing of almost everybody in our family, just one more person to go, my Grand Mother. She is 96 so her parents were part of the Boere that fought in the Boer War. It breaks my heart that everything they fought for is now all going to pot and I don’t want her to feel like we are deserting all their hard work, so would like her to be happy with our decision. Not that it will make any difference to our decision, etc. It is probably just to make me feel better. I used to be very patriotic many years ago, so there must still be some remnants of those feelings left deep inside I guess. We will however wait until we have a final yes from NZIS before telling her.

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